Registered KuneKune Pigs

Registered KuneKune Pigs

We have multiple lines of Registered KuneKune pigs or pet quality barrows for sale. 

KuneKunes are a great option for small farms due to their relatively small size, docile temperament, and the fact that they prefer to graze rather than root, so they're easier on your land.  They come from the Maori Islands near New Zealand where they were kept by the locals for years before nearing extinction in the 1970s, when the breed was brought back due to careful breeding. 


Females tend to weigh up to 175lbs and males up to 250.  They're very friendly and people oriented and are an absolute joy to have on the farm. They also come in a variety of cute colors.  Aside from how fun they are to keep, their meat is delicious, well marbled, and because they are mainly grass-fed, its nutritious and flavorful.  


Next piglets expected summer 2023

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